Whether you’re facing an illness yourself, helping a loved one with a diagnosis, hoping to develop a research project that can improve health or healthcare, or trying to provide better medical care yourself, the PaTH patient story archive can give you an idea of what others have faced in their health journeys and help you gain a better understanding of patient and caregiver perspectives.

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"It’s a miracle I’m sitting here today"

A woman elaborates on her experience with an aortic aneurysm with dissection, opening up her family medical history and her niche to be involved in the medical community.

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"I had taken my health into my own hands"

A man’s journey with epilepsy and his search to find the right treatments for his condition through extensive research.

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"In a lot of ways, you become your own physician"

A man shares his story of providing care to his wife and discusses the challenges he faced along the way.

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"I was disconnected from my own body"

A young woman describes the story of her diagnosis of Hashimoto's Disease and the struggle to be heard.

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"It got worse before it got better"

The story of a young adult, her struggles with IBD, and the wisdom she gained along the way

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"I noticed that I was rapidly losing height"

A woman’s battle with scoliosis and her to desire to help others through sharing her story

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"The more I knew, the more healthy conversations I could have with my doctors"

A woman’s story about how multiple health issues interacted, the need to advocate for herself, and the emotional component of dealing with health issues

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"The best care is being your own advocate"

A storyteller’s tale of multiple diagnoses, a genetic component, and the desire to advocate for others.

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"Am I going to be a caregiver or a spouse? It's a tough thing to do"

A caregiver’s story about the difficulty in walking the line between the role of caregiver and spouse..

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"Childless Not By Choice"

A woman’s story about her journey to conceive and the importance of a supportive medical team.

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"Continue to be the voice for the voiceless and the face for the faceless"

A story about how a patient’s struggle with kidney disease led to positive lifestyle changes and an active role in advocating for others.

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"He said, 'I don’t want anything that will keep me alive a minute longer' "

A caregiver’s story about the privilege of providing care to loved ones at the end of life and the challenges in doing so.

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"The hospital is for patients, not for people"

A patient story about living with a disability and how health care providers can affect one’s identity.

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"Arthritis has been part of my life everyday"

A patient’s story about challenges faced and the strategies he employed when dealing with multiple health issues.

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"Be a manager of your own health."

A patient’s story about a missed diagnosis at several stages of life and the importance of self-advocacy.

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"I turned out 100% because of early detection."

A patient’s story about how an incidental cancer diagnosis led the patient to become a strong advocate for health education in her community.

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"I was not able to walk, talk, pick up a pen…"

A patient’s story on experiencing symptoms, undergoing medical tests, and being diagnosed with multiple serious health problems.

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"I had a week to live at one point."

A patient’s health story on the value of the doctor-patient relationship in treating HIV and mental health disorders.

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What is your prognosis?

A caregiver’s story about needing clear communication about prognosis from medical professionals, in the setting of a patient’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

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I thought it happened to everyone. I thought it was normal.

A patient’s story of being diagnosed and living with the challenges of epilepsy.

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Nothing was helping.

A patient’s story about the challenges of having multiple, complicated health problems and the importance of self-advocacy.

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