Meet PaTH: Treva Alston

Treva Alston is a Patient Partner who works with PaTH’s Steering Committee, Executive Committee, Protocol Review Committee, and Healthy Lifestyles and Weight Cohort.

As a PaTH Patient Partner, Treva Alston participates on the Steering Committee, Executive Committee, Protocol Review Committee, and Healthy Lifestyles and Weight Cohort. She says her experience has been "rewarding and enlightening," and she’s enjoyed learning about and contributing to health research.

"Since patients are the outcome of health research, their involvement is essential."

Treva is equally active outside of PaTH. She worked as a chemist for the federal government for 34 years, has traveled to six continents, and is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. .

Career in Chemistry

Before retiring in 2003, Treva worked as a chemist for the United States Department of the Army, Food and Drug Administration, and Department of Defense. As such, she managed environmental programs and developed policies to ensure military bases complied with environmental regulations. She also worked for the Environmental Protection Agency, where she reviewed technical, chemical, and toxicological data on pesticides in order for them to be marketed.

Treva’s Travels

Treva has visited 36 of the 50 states, and her long list of international travels includes the Caribbean, Brazil, China, Ireland, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain. She’s explored these destinations with friends and family, though not always with her husband.

"Before retiring, me and two girlfriends went to Europe for 19 days. Interestingly, we left our husbands home," she says laughing. "We wanted to have a nice time, and, I don’t know about your husband, but they can make a trip miserable."

In 2009, she ventured to Egypt, a destination she’d always wanted to visit but had been cautious of because of the political climate. When she found a travel group with extensive security, though, she and her daughter decided to go.

"There were 80 people on the trip," she says. "We traveled around in buses, and that was a real experience."

Later, she went to Australia and New Zealand. A highlight of this visit was spending time with a New Zealander family.

Still on her list: Morocco, which she hopes to visit because she’s interested in the country’s mix of cultures and religions.

Volunteering to Impact Social and Economic Conditions

Treva grew up in North Carolina but moved to Washington, D.C. to attend Morgan State University. There she met her husband, only to learn he grew up 30 miles from her home in North Carolina.

"I had to travel 250 miles to find the man that was around the corner," she says.

Treva is active in Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first Greek-lettered sorority established by African American women. It was founded at Howard University in 1908, and, through 290,000 members and 1,005 chapters, it focuses on education enrichment, health promotion, family strengthening, environmental ownership, and global impact. In her chapter, Treva participates on the scholarship committee, for which she evaluates applications and interviews high school students for scholarships. In addition, she has chaired the chapter’s college fair for the last three years.

Treva’s Favorites
TV show: The View and Steve Harvey
Movie: Documentaries and Hidden Figures
Food: Anything chocolate
Trips: I would love to go back to Australia, [and] New Zealand is absolutely gorgeous.
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