In October, PaTH hosted the first of a series of workshops with our network patient partners. The basis of these meetings is to discuss topics where patient partners believe researchers should focus, how PaTH research focuses on that topic and how they can provide feedback on that research.

It is no surprise that COVID-19 was the first topic chosen. Patient partners discussed the need for researchers to focus on ending the pandemic and wondering how to help people cope with the effects of long-term physical distancing from family and friends. We are looking for ways for some of these ideas to be turned into patient centered research.

The PaTH Network in conjunction with PCORI and other partners has participated in several projects that are COVID-19 focused - including The HERO Registry, supporting research that may promote health among health care worders, a COVID-19 Surveillance Study examining trends in disease occurrence, the HERO-HCQ Trial, which tested a medication for prevention of illness, and Story Booth COVID stories, which has worked to amplify the perspectives of patients and caregivers during this pandemic.

Good news is on the horizon – new studies indicate that vaccination will be available in 2021! The PaTH Network will continue to engage our partners to contribute to Patient Empowered Research and would welcome your involvement.

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