Preserving Kidney Function in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease (PRESERVE)

PI(s): Christopher Forrest

Project Summary: Hypertension worsens kidney function and can lead to end-stage kidney disease (ESKD), which in turn requires dialysis or transplantation. Thus, controlling blood pressure is a cornerstone of pediatric chronic kidney disease (CKD) treatment. PRESERVE is a 3-year study that will leverage the PCORnet® infrastructure to perform large-scale observational studies in support of a clinical trial arm of the study. More than 11,000 children are included in PRESERVE, which will provide critical information about blood pressure management in pediatric CDK.

Study Design: Multi-CRN Data only Observational

PaTH Partners:

  • Johns Hopkins University (Harold Lehman and Alicia Neu, Site co-PIs)
  • University of Michigan (Zubin Modi, Site PI)

Coordinating Center: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Study News

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