COVID-19 Outpatient Randomized Trial to Evaluate Efficacy of Repurposed Medications (ACTIV-6)

PI(s): Adrian Hernandez, Duke University; Susanna Naggie, Duke University

Project Summary: The ACTIV-6 study evaluates the effectiveness of currently approved drugs in outpatient participants who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 with mild to moderate symptoms. Approximately 13,000 participants will be enrolled in the ACTIV-6 study. The study will evaluate clinical outcomes in participants in a study drug arm versus those in a placebo arm, comparing approximately 7 different drugs.

Study Design: Multi-CRN Observational Study

PCORnet Partners:

  • STAR
  • [~8 CRNs total, according to SOW]

PaTH Partners:

  • University of Pittsburgh (Akira Sekikawa, Site PI)
  • Temple University (Nina Gentile, Site PI)
  • Johns Hopkins University (Mark Sulkowski, Site PI)

Sponsor: NIH

Coordinating Center: Duke University

How to Participate: Contact us at

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