The Impact of Timing of Eating on Weight Loss: A Multi-site Cohort Study Using the Metabolic Compass Cell Phone Application (Daily 24)

Project Summary: This population-based study of the Johns Hopkins AHA Obesity Center aims to understand what motivates the timing of eating and assess whether the relative timing of eating is associated with weight change over 6 months, as well as other cardiometabolic outcomes. Participants recruited from the PaTH Network (n=1000) will share user input to enhance the design of a smartphone application called Daily24, which is used to track the timing of eating, sleeping and exercise. We expect that aligning behaviors (eating, sleeping) with normal circadian rhythm will improve cardiovascular risk factors and outcomes.

PI(s): Wendy Bennett, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University

Study Design: Population-based Cohort Study

PaTH Partners:

  • Johns Hopkins Health System (Wendy Bennett, Site PI)
  • University of Pittsburgh (Kathleen McTigue, Site PI)
  • Geisinger Health System (Michelle Lent, Site PI)

Sponsor: American Heart Association

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